Real Sail with David F.

Real sail with David F.

Sail and a Bail –  We test out OUR sailboat.  I am forced to be captain.  I veer off course because I am bailing the boat.  At least we had a gallon jug and not the old soup can I used to use in my wooden row boat.  We had another close call trying to figure out which relatives are on the McCucheon’s dock.  It takes about an hour and a half to cross the lake and come back.  Our bad (Kris & I) ate lunch instead of jumping on the sailboat immediately when the wind was perfect (according to Dad.)

Sail and a Nail –  Kris is captain we sail off and find the mast is not secured.  Both of the stays securing the mast are held on with a small pins and masking tape and one of them is dangling completely loose.  Dad manages to pull a rusty nail out of his swimming suit pocket or somewhere and we find a string on the floor of the boat to tie it in.  We sail on even though Dad is distressed that the sail is 2 inches below the top of the mast.  What luck if this were our only problem.  Never mind that the center board won’t go up or down.

Sail and a Center – Kris and I bought two sizes of cotter pins, a bilge pump and a large steel hook to fasten the boat. Dad secures the cotter pins although they are NOT quite the right size.  Kris spends half an hour with the new bilge pump.  We take off, I am captain.  Dad discovers that the center board is stuck.  It goes down even less than our last sail.  At one point I have the rudder going one way and the boat is scooting another.  We sail two COMPLETE circles in front of the cottage. It seemed like boat drivers education but without the orange cones.  Finally we find a direction we can safely sail with some hope of returning.  We sail up the lake, not as long as Dad wants, but until the wind dies so that it takes plenty of time to sail home.  We plan a landing that doesn’t work and all of us jump out of the boat to bring it in.

Sunrise on our sailboat

Sunrise on our sailboat


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  1. This reminds me of the one time I took my Dad’s sailboat out on the estuary between Oakland and Alameda with a friend who does not sail and without my Dad (I cannot believe he let me do it). We got out of the slip and boat harbor and into the estuary and were fine until we tried to sail back INTO the harbor. The wind was coming straight at us and wasn’t very strong. I lost way and we had to drift in and pull ourselves down to the right slip by grabbing the sterns of the other boats. I guess I was lucky we didn’t hit anybody!

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