Michigan – “Authorized Personnel Only”

We don't let "Authorized Personnel Only" bother us.

Authorized Personnel Only

There were two highlights day one: getting Dad to the audiologist for an adjustment on his hearing aid.   This became necessary because we all had to repeat everything three times to get through to him.  He was a new man after the technician cleaned his hearing aid filters.  Next was a trip to David’s cottage to see the roof beams get nailed on.  You will notice Dad not only can’t hear but doesn’t read the “authorized personnel.”  I missed the picture with his head body wedged halfway in looking-up at the carpenters.


 Jody A. Van Slembrouck | My Photography

Jody A. Van Slembrouck | My Photography

This morning Dad, Kris and I made a trip to Greenwood Cemetery to deliver a Gingko tree.  I don’t no how exactly how it happened but at some point Kris and Dad were on a tree tour of Greenwood and Dad asked the manager if the cemetery had any Gingko trees.  He said they didn’t and naturally Dad asked if they wanted one.  To cut to the chase Dad transported a 4 ft.  Ginkgo from Indianapolis to the manager for planting in Greenwood.  The Greenwood gardner was a little confused when we couldn’t tell him which grave to plant it by.  Kris attached a Wikipedia excerpt on history and care of the Ginkgo for them just in case.


‘Ginkgo biloba” L. ”’en:”’ Maidenhair tree; ‘

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