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An Early Labor (Labour) Day Weekend

Sawmill Beech Kootenay Lake (East)

Sawmill Beech Kootenay Lake (East)

We took an early Labor Day weekend in Creston, British Columbia. Creston is the home of a huge wildlife (mostly birds) sanctuary. It used to be a bird/duck sanctuary but they changed the name to Creston Valley Wildlife sanctuary.
Cynical me I’m sure the name change was a political decision. I suppose maybe they thought “bird sanctuary” was not sufficiently inclusive.

Creston Refuge, Goldenrod, Smoke & Dennis

Creston Refuge, Smoke & Dennis

We had hoped to escape the smoke in Spokane but unfortunately they didn’t stop the air pollution at the border. We took five hikes in 3 days. Our walk in the sanctuary was disappointing The highlights were watching a large heron land on a pine branch, which was pretty impressive, and a glance at 3 otters fleeing into the mud. Dennis suggested most of the birds were laying low.  Who wants to chirp and fly around in the smoke.

We pretty quickly figured out that “climb to a beautiful view of the valley” was not our best destination. Walks through the forest to beaches were much more rewarding and seemed better for the lungs.


It might have been psychological.


Pilot Bay Lighthouse (1907)

Pilot Bay Lighthouse (1907)

We found a great and very reasonable motel in Creston and we had some good dinners at the local restaurants although I wouldn’t suggest making the trip for Thai food. We also enjoy discovering new Canadian beers.valleyviewm

Sadly the Valley View was not quite so green or so clear when we were there

Sadly the Valley View Motel was not quite so green or so clear when we were there

A hard rain on Sunday morning make it easy to leave and cleared out the smoke in Spokane.