Last Days at the Lake


Failure to Thrive?

I can’t remember what I did yesterday.  I read and responded to a weeks worth of work e-mails.  It was a beautiful day so I did it all on the front porch.  I indulged in a morning kayak to get in the mood.  Dad noted that I was wasting a beautiful day so I went for a run before fixing dinner.  I thought about going for a swim after my run.  I jumped in with my running clothes on inspired by the fact Holly was taking the plunge.  I only got up to my waist. The water is still COLD!

Today Dad and I went kayaking to the Point, we returned my rental car, made the obligatory stop at Walmart for groceries.  After that exhausting morning Dad took a nap, while I tackled more e-mail.  The highlight was a visit to the Gingko tree at Greenwood Cemetery.  We took a bucket in case Gingk needed water but they seem to be taking care of that.  Dad was pleased with the planting spot but Gingko isn’t thriving.


View Little Traverse Bay from Greenwood

rowsunset sunsetThere was an appropriate picturesque sunset for my last night.


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