Homeless Owls, Batteries and a Boat


Non-standard Owl House

Typical “What did we actually do today at the lake?”   Kris and Dad relocated two rejected owl houses making use of the new extension ladder to place the potential homes higher and on different trees. Pictured is the house not built to owl specifications.  The corrected owl house is in the woods.

The twins called, as I was in Petoskey, and asked me to join them for lunch at the Foot. (Walloon Village)   There is a new place that no one can remember the name of.  Fifteen minutes after I put in my order our waitress told me that they were out of whitefish! 😦  I ordered chopped salad with quinoa which turned out to me pretty uninteresting.  Everyone else’s sandwich was good.  The place itself is nice, too bad no one can remember the name.

foot table

Table at the Foot

Kris & Holly un-named restaurant

Kris & Holly un-named restaurant

Kris suggested we go for a boat ride.  I was dubious because we already had the battery charger employed.  Dad’s battery was dead when we went to drive to town.  This is a family where we seem to need a lot of battery chargers and miles of utility cord. Amazingly I got the boat started the third try.  The problem came when we tried to move it out of the lift.  The lake is so shallow that all of us couldn’t push the boat off the lift even though it was fully down. Dad finally jumped in the water and pushed from the back and that along with the large waves from other luckier boats rushing past was enough to set us free.

The Boat that Loves the Lift Too Much

The Boat that Loves the Lift Too Much

Once we got out in the lake we noticed we only had a quarter tank of gas.  Since it was after 6pm we didn’t think we would be able to find a marina open to fill-up so we took a short cruise down the lake towards the North Arm.  On the way back Kris took a picture of the Fenstermaker cottage from the lake view.  We think they will want to consider a forestry management plan after the house is completed.  cottage2


2 responses to “Homeless Owls, Batteries and a Boat

  1. fenstermakerd@gmail.com

    Barrel Back is the name of the restaurant….

  2. Great to see the pictures after hearing the story. Can’t believe the overgrown cottage! Glad I found this while weeding my yahoo mail inbox.

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