Kechum/Craters of the Moon


7-17-10 Sunday  We drove to Ketchum for lunch and did a bit of a walking tour.  It’s a upscale resort town if ever there was one.  I had a salad for lunch that featured an entire head of lettuce I think.  We found Hemingway’s grave but did not add a bottle of whiskey nor did we site Muriel but we didn’t really know where to look.  We arrived at Craters of the Moon about 2pm.  On first approach it looks like a terrible accident with asphalt.  We easily secured a campsite but it was too windy to safely put up the tent.  We took a long hike, TOO LONG for me.  I quit & walked back the campground about a half hour before D.  We did the auto tour at sunset and attended the ranger’s “Critter Talk” at 9:30pm.  We learned that foxes mate for life and sometimes hunt in pairs.  A wolf print is bigger that a St. Bernard but has no claws.  We were more tired than the little kids attending in pajamas.


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