Alturus Lake /Sawtooths

Alturus Lake Beach

7-16- 2010 They said it couldn’t be done but we snagged a campsite at Alturus Bay Inlet on what is the warmest  Saturday of the summer thus far.    This is a lively campground: kids, bikes, dogs, and every campsite seems to have several of each.  The nights entertainment was watch a parade of 12 made up of adults kids, bikes and strollers circle the campground twice.  Recovering from yesterdays strenuous climb to Sawtooth Lake we sat at the crowded beach & relaxed with a beer & lunch.  I jumped in the water and it was absolutely freezing.  About 2pm we got the energy for a two and a half hour hike along Alpine Creek the trail didn’t gain much altitude between the mountain and the stream.  One unusual sighting was a couple loudly nude bathing in the creek.  Dennis said I gawked.  I don’t have a picture of them just the creek.

Hike Alpine Creek (Alturus Lake)


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