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We all woke up to send Leigh back to Spokane and Monday training at Camp Reed at 4:30am this morning.  Dennis went to the airport with her & saw her as far as Passport Control would allow.  In discussion we all decided visiting Felsorakos (pop. 900) was probably our most meaningful experience.  http://picasaweb.google.com/Janwingen/Felsorakos 

Organization is as follows: church, parsonage, town highlights, annual spring fair & high school visit in Barot (pop. 6,000), church dinner & dance in the Felsorakos community center, picnic in the meadow, town and hike from the village. 

Croatia was probably the most fun and the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden was Leigh’s favorite in town activity.  In that spirit I spent time today organizing the Felsorakos pictures and concluding you had to have been there. 

I have yet to order our pictures from Brasov, Romania our train station.  We all agreed that Brasov was our best “surprise” town.  We were just there because it was the train station but we had a couple of great walks.  It is a beautiful town and we had one of those wonderful experiences where we were checking to see if a church was open and a strange man unlocked it for us and wanted us to help him ring the 5pm bells.  We were all afraid that we lack the proper rhythm so we just watched him do it.  He also refused to take a tip for doing this for us.  Of course we were so excited we didn’t even think to take a picture.  I’ll work on Brasov next I guess. 

Building Consensus in Felsorakos http://www.uupcc.org/communitydev/Felsorakos/FelsorakosCaseStudyEng.pdf



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  1. Karren Hiskey

    Hi, stumbled on your blog today while looking for grocery stores in Esztergom. Do you have any suggestions for our upcoming visit to Budapest?

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