Tale of Two Libraries

Waiting for booksEuropean Library Definitions:

Closed stacks – A place to keep one copy of every book and back copies of print periodical. Now a days your electronic number lights up when your order is in.

Reading Room – A place you can read the books checked out to you from the closed stacks. Also provides a large table, a reading light that no one uses and wireless for your laptop. Many tables now have plugs too.
Library Cards– Most Hungarian/?European libraries are open only to card carrying members. For research libraries this means paying a small fee and possibly furnishing a letter of recommendation or description of your research an explanation of why you need access to the collection.

Building & Library Guards – Almost always a burly guy who checks your library card before you can go UP to any library. Exception is the university library does not require a card but the coat check lady keeps an eye on the entrance AND the theft detection alarm.

Budapest University of Technology & Economics (founded 1782)

Library Homepage After much struggle I found this

14,000 students enrolled

Open 9-8 Mon.-Friday

Periodicals back issues kept for 150 years

Books over a 1 million most in closed stacks

Catalog System: ??something different  ALT200 Dictionaries KOZL503 Bicycles, Motorcycles etc.

Periodicals subscribed to: nearly all

Security: Coat and bag check optional but the lady in charge is going to check YOU out

Databases – A gazillion

Open stacks for technology in the basement and 3 reading rooms

Food, drink and smoking prohibited

WC facilities limited

No library instruction program. Hey they are technical students they should be able to figure it out

Central European University (founded 1992) Central European University

3000 card carrying members

Homepage http://www.library.ceu.hu/

Open 7 days a week when university is in session

150,000 volumes and rapidly growing about 8000 per year

Collect only in curriculum areas, offer a small fiction collection, specializes Human Rights & International Law

Catalog: Dewey Decimal for most books; Law Uses LC numbers

Microfilm & fiche/ AV collection (videos/dvds)

Periodicals databases and e-books – Lots

Food, drink and smoking prohibited but there is an espresso cart with snacks just out the door

They called them “Reading Rooms” but it all looked like a library to me

Security: Two burly guards want to see your library card as you enter the U. Student worker checks you in if you are actually able to find the library. (It’s a round building, I got lost.)

Databases: Only half a gazillion

Coat and bag check mandatory

Two required instruction sessions: Library orientation/ databases


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