Leigh and Dennis Arrive

St. Stephen\'s Bascilica  Leigh and Dennis arrived about seven hours later than I expected but they made it.  I am way more “jet lagged” than when I myself arrived.  First it was trying to dose but waking to every car going by until almost 1am (Wed.) then 2 days of finishing my final classes at the university and somehow waking up during my new roomates 2am restlessness.  I’m suddenly way more exhausted than I have been all year.

Dennis spent 2 days mostly on a self-guided tour.  I took them both to the Castle District Wednesday and today Friday to St .Istivan Bascilica , Hero Square and the zoo.  Leigh had her choice Wed. and Thursday of going with me to the university or with Dennis back to the Castle area.  She choose the university and attended 3 classes.  It was great to have a teaching assistant but a little discouraging. One class involved evaluating students final speeches and we were both taking notes.  When we were done she remembered the speeches better than I did.  She theorized it was because I was concentrating on hearing mispronunciations and grammar problems while she was listening more wholistically to the presentations as a speech.  Nice of her to cut me that break.  Three students gave a presentation on Hungarian wine so she is now quite knowledgeable for someone who has yet to taste or show any interest in tasting Hungarian wine. 

Meanwhile Dennis is still talking about his self-tour yesterday.  On his way back from the Budapest Castle he ran into some traffic problems and ended up abandoning the tram and walking home.  It turned out the problem was that while doing some construction the crew  unearthed an unexploded WWII bomb.  Everyone here is used to this problem but making his way home in a still strange city was an adventure for Dennis.  There is that odd thing that since you don’t speak Hungarian, while some other people have likely heard what the problem is from the radio or calls from friends, you have no clue as to why building are being evacuated and yellow tape is appearing.  

We are off tomorrow to Vienna returning Tuesday.  I did my homework.  This entry is preceded by summary of two library visits.  We all have a special tour at the Corvin (National) Library Thursday. 



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