Barrack still a peach

Hungary for ObamaBest phone bank calling I can remember.  I was questioning my own sanity as I pulled out the directions in the rain and the dark to find my way through those narrow little streets to join the Hungary for Obama group Monday night to call Hoosiers in my home state.  At first I thought it was a crazy idea to tell them we were calling from Budapest, but it proved to be a great strategy.  As soon as they recognize that you are “selling” a candidate they are going to hang-up as quick as they possibly can.  This is when I say: I’m a former Hoosier calling you tonight from Budapest, Hungary.  Being Hoosiers they are curious and want to know what the heck you are doing in Budapest.  This breaks the ice and sometimes you can even have quite a nice conversation about why you think it is important to spend your time in Budapest calling for Obama. 

Of course the most in-depth conversation I had was with a woman who almost convinced me to switch to Hillary.  She had been in the front row at the Jefferson/Jackson dinner the night before and the speeches and actions of rude Obama supporters caused her to switch to Hillary. Neither of us could persuade the other but it was a nice conversation. 

I know this picture looks a little blurry and I really only had half of a beer.  


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