Food Frustration

 I always eat lunch at the university restaurant and then if I want some meat I just have a sausage or salami with a vegetable for dinner. They are Hungarian specialties, flavorful, easy and they even specialize in the Mangalitsa, a “good cholesterol” pig. The second day of my four day weekend I decided I just could NOT eat another sausage for dinner. I got the idea of buying a piece or two of what looks like pre-cooked fried chicken. I’ve seen it in my closest grocery store. Wanting to avoid the long rush hour lines I rehearsed the word for chicken and then headed over to the Match grocery store at 6pm. The store was closed at 6pm on a Friday night. What is wrong with these people they must care more about their employees than their profit margin.  I headed to the discount grocery store which is nearly always open. I knew they didn’t have ready to go food but I have to eat something. I was forced to purchase frozen chicken nuggets. My small box of chicken nuggets cost about $6.00. I should have thought of going across the block to Burger King & checking out their deals.
My box of chicken nuggets has directions for cooking in EIGHT different languages and NONE of them are English. Also I am quite sure none of them involve a microwave or an oven. I’m going with guessing the German directions and frying them in “Pflanzenfett or Butterschmalz.”


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