Sunday in Eger

Istvan Dobo\' I have also been doing some traveling.  My strangest trip was with Zsuzsa.  She asked me if I wanted to accompany her and a group to go swimming at a resort, see the sites of Eger in northern Hungary and visit the wineries there.  Quite a bit to pack in one day but we started  at 8:30am. 

It turned out the group was about 80 Swedish engineers. (90% men)  They were very nice but many of them would prefer to sit in the hot swimming pool or drink a beer in the sunshine to touring the fortress, or meandering down cobblestone streets.  Well who can blame them.  It’s been a long winter.  Eger hotel/cafe/sunshine

It was a great opportunity for me.  I got a soak at this very modern spa outside Eger.  The Hungarians were drilling for oil but as apparently happens often here, they hit hot water instead. 

There is kind of a mini-Mammoth Hot Springs beginning to build. Mini Yellowstone The rest of the water is being channeled into huge swimming pools.  You are issued a black plastic wristband, which you scan to find your locker in the coed locker room.  There are changing booths but it initially seemed a little disconcerting to find I had a swim locker between two burly men.  The huge pools are various warm temperatures and large hot tubs are attached.  You can enter the warm water inside the building and walk surrounded by water to the outside pools.  It is incredibly clean and modern.  Restaraunts, bars, cafes, saunnas and various massages and treatments are available in the building attached to the pools. Charge everything to your wristband and pay as you leave.  I must confess I found the modern hot spring resort the most intriguing part of the adventure. 

After lunch we toured Eger, the town that held of the Turks (for a while anyway.)  Istvan Dobo’ was the hero in 1552.  Even though Budapest had fallen he managed to hold of the Turks.  Unfortunately, they returned in 1596 and took over the town.  One minaret still stands.  Eger

The town cathedral (1830’s) is quite interesting; I was surprised to see the walls were fake marble. Apparently the towns people hid from the Turks in limestone caves a few miles outside of town which have now been turned into wine tasting rooms. 

Wine tasting caves As seems to happen to rustic tourist attractions worldwide, what a few years ago were rustic little caves are now very rapidly being fixed into more upscale restaurants and bars.  I got a picture of a few less developed caves.  The famous wine from the region is called Bull’s Blood.  One story being the locals sold it to the teetolling Muslims under that name so they wouldn’t know they were drinking alcohol.

The only downside to the trip was trying to make my way home after mid-night and nearly tripping over the homeless people who sleep in odd corners but I made it unscathed. 

Slide show of Eger