Obama is a Peach?


I’ve been very busy designing presentations on education in the US, the US elections and I have one with pictures of the Inland Northwest and Seattle.  The good news is the one class I showed “Education and Elections” to seemed pretty interested.  The bad news is it took a LOT of time.

Since I haven’t spoken to any Americans since Pat and Nel left I jumped at the chance to watch the Clinton/Obama debate with a group called “Hungary for Obama.”   


 I met one American woman who teaches at one of the many international gymnasiums,  private high schools with classes taught in English. Got all kinds of little hints on living in Budapest. I met a very nice graduate student  attending Central European University where classes are taught in English.  She gave me some hints about English Language libraries and bookstores. 

The bad news was the debate.  I think they are killing each other. Discussion after the debate seemed to indicate the group felt they may need to morph into Hungary for Hillary.  It was that bad. 

I visited two bookstores English language book stores suggested. Someone needs to send this logo for “Treehugger Dan’s” to Dan Treecraft.  Treehugger naturally specializes in selling USED books.  

I love wandering and seeing beautiful buildings but even better I love strange and odd things.  On my books store trip I saw the strange Hungarian pastime climbing beer crates.  This time it was boy scouts in Elizabet Ter demonstrating their crate climbing prowess.  College students did this on campus but I didn’t have my camera that time. I will try to add a slide show soon.     




 Some were better at this than others. 


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