Strike Again

     It’s going to be on Friday rather than Monday but we are in for another 3-day weekend thanks to a Friday transport stike. BKV the transportion company has agreed NOT to fire 300 workers but the STRIKE is definitely ON because the union insists it be allowed to set the bus schedule or at least toss out any changes. Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain so it will probably won’t be a good day for a long hike.

Zsuzsa suggested it will be a good day for shopping. This assumes the stores will be open. I guess clerks or storekeepers have cars. According to the newspaper the transportation workers will be making their way to     donate blood. I will NEVER fully understand Hungary but I will check to see if the stores are indeed open.  Donating blood is certainly more productive than picketing.

One important universal principle I understand too well.  A survey of Budapest populace revealed favorite solutions for balancing the BVK budget and ending the deficit were (drum roll)  catching bus  cheaters (estimated 20% occasionally ride the bus for free) and having the Hungarian (Federal) government pay additional subsidies.  Why does this sound SO familiar? 


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