My Weekends

  One of the things I usually do on Sunday morning or occasionally Saturday afternoon is go wandering around on the Pest side of the city.  My wandering USED to consist of making my way to a goal, a museum or site.  I’ve run out of the MUST see sights as far as I know.  I have one or two museums left but it seems like I should save them for a rainy day.  I still try to think of some place to start off from that I can explore and I really enjoy just wandering the streets of Pest. 

Like any big city, you nearly always see people or at least children on the streets.  Since I usually choose a sunny day, I often see people enjoying their apartment balconies and always see families in the parks. 

Rusty Dish  I really enjoy looking at the European architecture because there is NOTHING like it in Spokane or anywhere I know of in the U.S.  I believe most of Budapest was built around the end of the 19th Century so it should be possible to see this in the U.S. but I don’t know where.  The places I’ve been in NYC don’t have this old world look.  Maybe we are always striving to look forward while they were looking back.

 Trash  Sometimes I see really surprising things like the day mounds of trash were left on the street on a Saturday afternoon.  Perhaps it was like our neighborhood clean-up days but Saturday night??? 

  One day I wandered into the lush and peaceful Botanical Garden right after I passed through a park with more bums per acre than I’ve ever seen before anywhere.    All were passed out at noon on a sunny day. 

FuveszkertI love  finding the unexpected although it can be sobering when you stumble into a poor neighborhood or Hungarian “political incorrectness” which I fear is not just a PC problem but a matter needing some serious education in matters of race and ethnicity. Slideshow


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