1956 Strike Well strikes aren’t what they used to be, particularly in Budapest. We had a city transit (BKV) and Hungarian railroad strike today. Why would you have a strike and TELL everyone it was going to be over at 1pm? I asked one of the other instructors and she suggested- “They just want to send a message not lose their jobs.” This tactic does seem to put the public on the strikers side. No one seems to mind an excuse for sleeping in a little extra on Monday. The railway strikes are always set for Monday morning too. I bet a Friday afternoon RR strike keeping everyone in town for the weekend would have an entirely different effect.

I walked to work for my class which didn’t start until noon anyway. It is about two miles no hills. My only hardship was that it was raining a little so my feet were quite wet. I didn’t see ANY traffic jams. It was 10am when I left perhaps I missed them.

In spite of all the PR when I reached the university, the maids were cleaning, the snack bar was staffed and I saw at least three of our 15 secretaries made it in. My class consisted of three students. I’m sure several more live on or near campus & thought it would be a good day to skip. They were right.


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