images.jpg We were discussing world statistics in one of my classes and the comparison of different cultures and their “carbon footprint” or sustainability meant nothing to my students. They didn’t seem aware of the issue that some lifestyles have more environmental impact than others.

Nevertheless, Hungarians are certainly way ahead of us on sustainability even if they don’t know it. Yesterday I was struggling to write on the ONLY white board in one of my classrooms. As I mentioned before, the rest of my classrooms use chalk and wet rags. One student commented, I guess no one is refilling the markers. “What?” “Refill the markers, I used to do it for my school.” Incredible! I never heard that there were anything but throw away dry erase markers.


I’m putting this down with heating the water in the kitchen only when you need it, no pilot light on the gas stoves, air drying clothes and charging for plastic bags, all ways Hungarians conserve energy even though they don’t seem to be aware they are also doing a good thing. Sustainability seems to be driven by penuriousness and ignorance that the rest of the world doesn’t live this way. Good thing for us I guess. wash-on-sunday.jpg

I don’t think it is environmental awareness because given the choice they would all like to drive to work and do so if they can.



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