Friday Adventure to the Lake

lake-001.jpg A special treat Friday, Zsuzsa called me and asked if I would like to go out to her open her lake place in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and ABSOLUTELY nothing like the problems of opening up the cottage at Walloon. lakeview.jpg

It’s a simpler place just two rooms. Zsuzsa says these “dachas” a were a concession the socialist made to the Hungarians because they were no longer allowed to travel out of their small country. Like Walloon, families built together, Zsuzsa’s Aunt and Mother shared a common wall. sweeping.jpg

She bought some groceries and turned on the water. I don’t think I did anything more helpful than hold the ladder while she climbed down a hole with her special wrench. Neighbor’s House

I strolled around the neighborhood while Zsuzsa puttered around her place. It was great to get out of town. You can’t imagine how long it has been since I saw an empty field. The trip takes less than a hour and there are several picturesque villages on the way.Road at the lake

We stopped by a famous ice cream place and got pastry and coffee on the way back. We also stopped by statue park where they keep all the old communist statues. Unfortunately they were closing so I just got to peak over the fence. I’ll end with Stalin’s boots. They are really MUCH bigger than they look. Stalin’s Boots


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