Tour Guide (NOT)

From the Castle I told one of the teachers at work that I went with my friends around Budapest and helped them see some of the sights. You were the tour guide? Well I tried and I only pushed Nel out of the metro at the wrong stop once. Actually we only rode the Metro once. There was also that time I got them off the tram two stops too early. … It always happened when I was talking instead of paying attention. I’m sure real guides learn to do both. Zsuzsa does a good job of talking and driving like a European and finding a parking space but then I understand that she was a professional guide for the Russians. She took us to Szentendre a Serbian town which for some reason the socialist left alone

I was glad to get a chance to get back to Buda Castle and I saw a lot of things with Nel and Pat that I hadn’t seen before. It’s also always more fun to go to a museum with other people see if their impressions match yours.

I’m sure if we had just two more days we would have seen it ALL but as it was we did cover the “best of” the major attractions as far as I know. I think our greatest surprise was the Fine Arts Museum (Szepmuveszti Muzeum.) It’s even bigger than it looks and it looks pretty big. We went to a special Medici exhibit that was four rooms and then tried to take in the rest which just wasn’t possible.


I don’t think I realized I could be lonely until they left. 😦 Well I have a NEW project at the University. I am preparing a talk about the American education system and one about the current U.S. election process. Both are to be presented at 10am Monday and I didn’t find out for sure until this afternoon. I hope to get a PowerPoint together for future lectures. I think I have to give the technician 24 hours notice and I don’t even know what room I’m going to. heroes.jpg

We are strictly a blackboard and chalk operation here. We open the windows for air conditioning which is needed all winter in the southside rooms. We have funny red curtains that we pull in an attempt to keep the sun from shining in our eyes. I’m still learning to pin down my notes so when a breeze picks-up so I don’t end up with lecture notes and homework completely scattered.

Attached is a slideshow of our chilly week.


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