Hungarian Easter

Mangalica pig We had a great Easter dinner and I am going to be eating ham sandwiches all spring. I don’t think I bagged a Mangalica pig but I thought our grocery store ham was quite good. My food wasn’t wasn’t taken to mass on Saturday to be blessed another Hungarian tradition. Perhaps this special pig will soon be available in Spokane or Seattle. Pat & Nel contributed carrots, potatoes and a

great bottle of Bock Hungarian red wine. Jozsef Bock Villanyi Portugieser 2007

Unfortunately their tour guide let them loose after dinner without making sure they knew which street to go up.

Zsuzsa took us touring Monday so we could avoid being sprinkled with cheap cologne. On Easter Monday which is an official holiday here, boys traditionally sprinkled the girls and were rewarded with gifts of decorated red eggs and shot of pa’linka a fruit brandy. As with many traditions this has apparently degenerated into an excuse to drink. Several people asked me if Hungarian celebrate St. Patrick’s day and the answer is NO but Hungarians do have an Easter Monday drinking tradition.

Pat and Nel


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