Pat and Nel are here :)

nelpatdanube.jpg Nel Hellenberg and Pat Nasburg have arrived. What a treat! Not only can I speak English as much and as fast as I’d like but they treated me to a great meal. I had fish soup that was NOT overly salty and a REAL salad with lettuce also my first glass of red wine since I’ve been here. Of course similar meals for the three of us added up to almost $100. Talk about sticker shock. I’ve been living like a Hungarian here and the average Hungarian makes something like $650.00 a month. It’s clear prices in the tourist district are out of line. Still the food was much better than I’m used to. Vorosmarty Ter

Vorosmarty Ter. the big square was crowded with people selling crafts and cooking great looking stuff on the street. The only problem was it was about 39 degrees F and a cold wind was blowing. I think the people sitting out in the street eating were wrapped in down coats or more acclimatized than we are. Wish I had taken a picture maybe I can find some to steal.Pat & Gellert Hill

Today we climbed Gellert Hill and saw the Liberation Monument. Those two are real troopers. We did a little menu shopping this time so the damage wasn’t so bad and the food was still great. We bought carrots and potatoes at the Central Market.  I’m cooking for dinner on Easter.  Central Market


2 responses to “Pat and Nel are here :)

  1. Just finished catching up on your blog. Thanks for the long article on the revolution day activities and protests, and especially for the news article. Though I am still mostly in the dark about what the protesters wanted. Were the ones at your event progressives on the left who want reform? I guess you have to know something about Hungarian government to really understand what they want!
    Say hello to Nell and Pat!

  2. Holly W Lambert

    Hope you are having a great Birthday!
    sent you e-card.
    Back from Philippines. What a trip.
    God was working mightly. Met lots of great people. I should make a blog.
    Still recovering from jet lag.
    Love you … sis

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