Dental Tourism

mr-hayes-before.jpg Luckily so far I’ve only experienced toothpaste tourism. A big mistake I made was buying herbal Colgate toothpaste at the PLUS discount grocery store. Who ever thought that chamomile, sage and eucalyptus would make a good flavor combination. I must have bought it because it was a familiar brand and I think the only label in English I saw that day.

My teeth seemed a little sensitive but I think it’s from drinking too much orange juice because I have a cold. With luck I won’t have to experience any of this while I’m here. I believe I have located a tube of Sensodyne toothpaste. At least it has a word close to that on the tube and is in the toothpaste section of the store.

The inciDENTAL tourist

By Mary Beth Marklein, USA TODAY

In Hungary and other Eastern European countries, dental tourism is putting a twist into the trend. Here in Mosonmagyarovar (moshon-mag-yah-RO-var), brass plaques and molar-shaped signs bearing easy-to-grasp names like “Eurodent” and “Happy Dent” line the streets along a central shopping district. Some clinics take up a full block; smaller practices are tucked inside hotels, above gift shops or beside casinos.

With the fall of the dollar I don’t think they will be seeing many more U.S. tourists.


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