Technology and Orange Juice

machine2.jpg Our building has added two new machines. We have the usual coke, candy and coffee machines.  I’ll say more on coffee later.  What was added is taking the food machine to an entirely new level as far as I am concerned. We have added a french fry machine and a fresh orange juice maker.  Zsuzsa & I were interested in trying out this new technology.  I’d call the french fry machine a failure in taste but of some technical interest. Put in your ft280($1.63) or ft300 ($1.76) for your choice of ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise on your fries. First a little light comes on and warns you that any change due will come out at the end of the process. (This fry machine works in your choice of any of 4 different languages.) Next a small sealed cardboard box slides down a chute on the left inside of the machine. In the box are a neatly flolded napkin and a plastic fork that is just a little bigger than a toothpick. This gives you something to open and play with while you wait. It seemed like heating french fries takes quite a while, at least one or maybe two full minutes. My french fries were mechanically placed, not tossed or slid, in a little paper bucket which I removed from a door, different from the chute that the napkin came down. My fries were extremely HOT. The only problem was no salt and no taste so they weren’t particularly good fries but they were VERY HOT and my change then tumbled down the money slot. I suppose taste is partially my fault.  I’m not a big ketchup fan so I probably should have paid the extra ft20 and tryed mustard or mayoinaise fries.  I think a good fry will taste good in the nude or with a little salt. 

The really great machine is the fresh orange juice machine. You watch an orange drop and get sliced by a sharp blade and it is instantly cut in half and two cupped circles hold the orange halves and then turn them over and stomp on them. This process is repeated three times I think. The last orange that drops isn’t yours. It is caught by the two cups and sits poised ready to be sliced by the blade for the next customer. The juice is good and just the right amount of pulpy for me.

This machine definitely deserves to be located in a technical university and perhaps the Vending Machine Hall of Fame. Cost for a glass of fresh orange juice is ft290 ($1.70) at the time of this writing.  Our dollar is sinking daily.  


One response to “Technology and Orange Juice

  1. I’m getting thirsty!

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