bomb.jpg Yesterday in my Intermediate Communications class the lesson suggested that the students give a little speech to their former secondary school class suggesting why the high school students should or should not consider attending this university. I had absolutely NO IDEA what to expect. I don’t know if our students love it or hate it here. One student mentioned that there are lots of pubs around the university and you can have a good time. I doubt that you would actually mention this in a speech to your secondary school but that was the sort of thing that I might have expected a student to comment on to younger students. I must have gotten a worried look on my face when two of the students said: “BME is the best university to go to because we have our own nuclear reactor for students to practice with, on campus.” I think the third student to mention the nuclear reactor must have looked at my increasingly worried face because he said: “The students don’t really use any materials that are actually nuclear; it’s just for practice.” I think I need to make further inquiries.


One response to “Uh-oh

  1. Good thing George W. didn’t go to school there…

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