Weekend Adventure

appiedartroof.jpg Before next weekend I guess I better tell about last weekend’s sightseeing. Saturday I decided to take the no. 6 tram over to Pest. I think I had some vague destination in mind. I got on the number six as usual and right after we crossed the Danube it seemed to be turning the wrong direction. They kept making some long announcements and playing the music that I’ve always heard reserved for when they reach the end of the line. The no. 6 should do a big curve around the city to the Northwest. I’d swear we were turning East. I decided things had gone wrong especially when there was only one woman left on the tram. She didn’t look at all perturbed or worried. I told Zsuzsa this story & she thinks I am absolutely nuts. I mean the number six tram runs on a track line and it’s not like it’s going to jump off the tracks & start cavorting across town some other direction.

Since I didn’t have anyplace I was going I couldn’t possibly be lost even though I didn’t see the street I was in on my map. The print is small & the streets are many. I just started walking which is what I wanted to do anyway. I found a beautiful little upscale neighborhood with a strange little park. I will add the picture but it won’t do it justice. The small park has twisty paved paths and tile covered somethings in the middle. I have no idea what they are. I assumed the neighborhood was upscale because the streets were really narrow so traffic was kept to a minimum. The surrounding and nearby apartment buildings were new or rebuilt and the whole area just had a clean pleasant and quiet feel. I wonder if I can ever find the place again or if it was like Brigadoon or Camelot and has sunk into the pavement never to be seen again.

appliedart.jpg I found my way to a major street & saw a huge interesting building. Two girls that looked Asian walked in so I decided I’d check it out too. I assumed it was a church but it turned out to be the Museum of Applied Arts. I asked if there was an English guide and was handed an English list of the prices for admission. It is a very strange museum with the prime well lighted space in the middle completely empty. fineartempty.jpg I bought the full regular ticket but not the special exhibit. I still don’t know what the special exhibit is. It’s just called Hungarian Private Collection. I had my Budapest guidebook with me so I learned that the exhibits change a lot but that I would probably see art nouveau and Ottoman rugs. The collection of furniture and glass was nice but most impressive was seeing the second largest collection of oriental carpets in the world. There must have been some kind of caveat because I’m sure there weren’t more than 30 carpets. It must be the second largest collection of 14th and 15th century Ottoman carpets having arrived in Hungary via Transylvania or something like that. Anyway there were Usak carpets, rose carpets, 4 and 6 pillar prayer rugs, lozenge(lattice) carpets and one type I could only translate as big blob rugs. After I had studied all the materials, I felt quite accomplished in the field of carpet appraising. With that I found my way home via BUS with a minimum of difficulty.

Very short slide show of some neighborhood activity http://picasaweb.google.com/Janwingen/Pest2_23



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