Bureacracy Update

parliament.jpg  Good news, I needed to pick-up my tax identification number before noon Monday in order to get paid. It was not ready of course, something about a question they had about me leasing property in Budapest. It was apparently a blank on the form that wasn’t filled out correctly. Since the bureaucrat felt very bad that she had missed the error she went to extra trouble to get me my number. I also got my official police clearance. It was the item I thought was my electric bill because it said “electroshisch” and 2,200 forints I somehow didn’t recognize that it was my police clearance and 2,200 ft was the amount I paid to get it.

The only thing I am lacking is my social security number for medical care. From what I have heard about the medical system here it would be best if I not get sick. When my English classes had to use the word ‘bribe” in a sentence they said money paid in a hospital. There was quite a discussion as to whether you tip or you bribe when in the hospital. Today the Hungarian Times my English language weekly described the payments to doctors and nurses as a “gratuity.” Apparently it is customary especially if you want to see your doctor again or if you want the nurses to remember that you are there in the hospital so they don’t forget your meals and so on. The average general practice doctor makes about $1250 a month.

Here is hoping I don’t need any medical care.


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