More Bureaucracy!

papersofficial.jpg Last night I counted the various papers I carry around in case they are needed when we go to a office. I think I have over 25 now. However, I am no closer to getting paid. Yesterday I was refused a tax id number because I didn’t have a visa. The visa story is what started this blog.
If you want the details read on. Otherwise it suffices to say I visited more offices and will go to the office  for a tax id on Monday. If I get that number I can get paid.  Of course I won’t get the number.


Well we had another stab at Hungarian paperwork today.

As I was waiting for Zsuzsa to finish her class I consulted with Steve a native of Britain who teaches here. I asked him how long it took him to get his official documents. He proudly pulled out three different cards from his wallet. Do you have this, this or this? Well then you won’t get any of them today he predicted. He proceeded to describe the kind of catch 22 ordeal he had been through to get them.

I didn’t mention this discouraging news to Zsuzsa as we took two trams over the Danube to the social security office. We went in and as is usual took a number which pretty quickly lit up with a desk number beside it. We found our way to the desk where a smiling lady located about six different sheets of forms and apparently explained that these forms needed to be completed and returned to a different office somewhere we didn’t have time to get to before Zsuzsa’s next class and of course would be closed when class was over. We took the two trams back to campus in time for Zsuzsa to get to her 1:30 class. She warned me I needed to be ready to leave by 3:45 for office to get my tax identification. We drove across the city to get to a new government office complex. After miraculously snagging a parking spot we wandered around looking for actual entrances to the buildings. After asking directions a couple of times we found an entrance with a uniformed guard handing out numbers. After some conversation he apparently said we were in the office for tax id numbers for Hungarian citizens. We needed to be in the building for tax id numbers for foreigners. We wondered around the complex again and finally found another building with lines and numbers. We were given forms to fill out. Zsuzsa again needed my mother’s full maiden name, my place of birth, my address, in short all the usual things. We presented our forms to a young woman who apparently said I didn’t have the right stamp on my letters of invitation. Zsuzsa was outraged that an official letter from the Hungarian Minister of Education wasn’t good enough.How can you get higher than an official letter from the Minister of Education?” She called the university office & miraculously found someone there to send a fax. I riffled through my packet of stuff & pulled out all the letters I had with stamps. One from the college with a stamp was apparently sufficient. She took my passport and things looked really hopeful BUT I didn’t have a visa. Szusza explained about the Schengen treaty and I riffled through my pile of paper and pulled out my letter from the Hungarian Consulate that states due to Hungary joining the Shengen area Decenber 2 I, 2007 I don’t need a visa. I need only to go the the competent bureau of Hungarian Immigration within 30 days…. Of course I don’t think she could actually translate the letter but she saw the word Schengen. She took the letter and showed it to a couple of people but the best they could do is to mail me a tax id number in 30 days. I can tell Zsuzsa doesn’t believe I will ever get it. officesmpapers.jpgCan you find the Minister of Education letter?


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