More Differences

budapestsaturday-002.jpg Riding the bus with a bus pass as I do is the easiest thing in the world. You don’t do anything but get on the bus. There are very rare and random bus inspectors who check passes. I got quite excited when I saw my first inspector. I haven’t seen one since. She was dressed like any other little old lady but was wearing an id clipped to her coat. I didn’t actually spot her until all the passengers around me started pulling out their passes & I did likewise. I guess if you get caught she writes you a ticket. She seemed a cheerful little lady. She waved as she got off and hopped on a tram. Might be an interesting job just riding around the city on random busses and trams all day. Zsuzsa thinks it is a ridiculous system. She says they estimate one out of 8 passengers is riding for free.

I bought a copy of the Budapest Sun an English language weekly. One of the front page articles was bemoaning that a number homeless whom refuse to sleep in the shelters. All the politicians would like to get them off the streets and there are adequate beds but many would rather sleep on the street. Zsuzsa and I ran into a mass feeding of the homeless on the street. They seemed to be feeding them rice with a sauce or gravey of some type and hot apple juice, unless it was something stronger.

The homeless I’ve seem are a little more industrious than Spokane’s homeless. One guy on a busy traffic circle was trying to sell a paper. He approached our car and my understanding is that he told Zsuzsa he needed money for a beer. She liked that he had a more direct approach and started to give him some small change. She said he complained that he needed more than she was giving so she got mad & gave him nothing.


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