At Work

Retiree stuffI learned in the Unitarian Church that “instant Karma” is a misinterpretation of Hinduism I left SFCC intending to really clean-up those piles of stuff in my office, not actually accomplishing the task. Here I was given a choice of two desks both piled high with papers of the previous occupants, recently retired. Can you imagine retiring with (I kid you not) a foot and a half of precisely stacked white memos, attached book shelves are full of miscellaneous volumes, glasses, a jar of red sauce and other lunch paraphernalia, even family pictures still pasted on the shelves. Oddly the appearance of both desks was about the same in the leftover pile of paper and clutter department. Perhaps “retirement” is a euphemism for suddenly swept away by a flood or overcome by the plague. The other explanation is it must be a different culture!

I choose the desk with a view of the window. The other unlucky occupant will have a view of me.

We have two computers for an office of six and I was warned that one is too slow to use. I was quickly and efficiently set up with a computer account & college e-mail so I shouldn’t complain however I am absolutely losing my mind. I know I complained before about ALL the Word commands in Hungarian. This is not a problem if there is a symbol like Save or Open but commands like Save As have on screen symbol Here is a new interesting part with my account. My words are all marked as misspelled and once I accidentally hit spell check. The highlighted words were changed to the closest spelling of a word in Hungarian including all the necessary diacritics. An amazing thing to behold! An amazing thing to behold! A mayo tom top beeped


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