I am in seventh heaven as they say. I splurged and bought the least expensive USB drive I could find at a shop called PHOTO SZWLL or something close. Knowing very little about anything here I had a hunch a photo shop might have more than cameras so I walked the extra block to check it out. Sure enough cameras, webcams and all kinds of computer peripherals all displayed so I could lead the sales guy over and point. Apparently USB isn’t a universal term I forget what he called it, probably flash drive in Hungarian. Next comes the always embarrassing negotiation over the payment. No, I don’t have a store credit card; I want to pay cash $$ but I have a $10,000 forint bill. The charge is $3472 forints and he doesn’t want to have to give me change although he says he can. I have to dig through the 3 places I keep cash and prove I have $2600 forints in bills. As I dig my bills become larger 20,000 one 50,000. He again asks me if I would like to put it on a credit card. I can even sign-up for a credit card. NO! I mean NEM! This is all done with good humor but I am always show exactly how inept I am as I pull out all my unfamiliar bills and change and study them.

Now I can type on my own computer and upload my documents in my office. I have been trying to type my entries on a Hungarian keyboard. Zsuzsa showed me how to change the keyboard so the letters correspond to our standard American keyboard BUT the keyboard doesn’t change of course. I can’t tell you the exact differences between their keyboard and ours but the letters are placed differently For sure the Z and V are more accessible and shift typing a letter yields the letter with all those weird diacritics umlauts and such. Luckily I am mostly a touch typist but every once in a while I don’t hit the semi-colon or something correctly. When this happens I look down at the keyboard to see where it is and I am completely flummoxed. I suddenly can’t remember where any of the letters are supposed to be. I just have to shake it off and stop looking at the keys and start typing again. Oh one last problem if you right click all the choices are LONG Hungarian words help, spell check, save all commands are all in Hungarian so you better remember your keystrokes and MS symbols because there is no phrase book available that translates windows commands.

Gist I am very happy to be sitting in my living room listening to the BBC discuss how the super Tuesday race is “hotting up” using an English version of word, a familiar keyboard and saving on my new USB.


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