Visa Revisited

We went to the convenient housing office for the “simplified” visa today.  It was neither.   Zsuzsa is SO angry!  When we came back we had to visit three different secretaries in the department.  “Everyone knows a little bit but no one knows the whole big picture.”  Frustrated Zsuzsa decided the easiest course is for me to leave the country and then come back.  Otherwise when I travel with you they won’t let me back in because I overstayed my 90 day tourist visit.  At first she was puzzled where to go???  Everything is in the European Union and I have to leave the EU to get my passport stamped so I am good for another 90 day visit.   I suggested the  Ukraine of course no one here likes that.  Zsuzsa thought of our  Romanian trip but it is too late.  The office staff all said in unison “Croatia!”  So it looks like Zsuzsa & I are going to spend a weekend in Croatia when it gets warmer.  She thinks it might be cheaper too.  The visa is $100.  Well definitely more fun anyway.


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