Visiting the University

Zsuzsa took me on the bus to the university today.  I got lost last night going out to buy coffee at the grocery so I am trying to pay close attention.  I am under dressed in black cotton pants and a sweater.  I look like the staff not the faculty.  I’m at a complete  loss with all the Hungarian names.  I met about 10 people.  Zsuzsa says they will all remember me & that I don’t need to worry about it but I think I should be taking notes.  I must say so far my highlight is the water machine.  One button for very bubbly water, one for slightly bubbly, one for still water and one for hot water.  It powers up and makes all kind of noises and finally shoots out exactly 6 oz of water.  I think it is a bubbles, tea or instant coffee in this university’s culture.

Tomorrow I go to immigration wish me luck.  Zsuzsa is not studying the paperwork so I think she believes the bureacracy will be a challenge.


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